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This is the First Film Which Was Entered 1 Crore Club

This is the First Film Which Was Entered 1 Crore Club ★★★★☆ 4.4
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What is the collection? Is collection high so that mean movie is perfect? Of course not because some movies are launched as none commercially movie and its fresh example is dear zindagi. Dear zindagi which movie that released during not ban period as a noncommercial. But film story is a great and fantastic movie. Here are some movies that with its previous collection record.


Kismet (1943) movie is the first movie which was entered in 1 crore club

Yes kismet movie was released in 1943 but that time 1 crore is the biggest collection for every movie and kismet is the first film which one entered in 1 crore club that other movie.  It is film of ashok kumar. Mughal-ae-azam which movie that started 5 crore club. And dharmednra and amitabh bachhan movie sholay started 10 crore club, Hum aapke hai kaun movie started 25 crore club, aamir khan movie ghajini started 100 crore club, aamir khan 3 idiots started 200 crore club, dhoom 3 started 250 crore club, PK movie started 300 crore club and now amir khan dangal movie 350 crore club movie and this movie broke all previous record.

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Aamir khan is the king of bollywood

Aamir khan is the king of all time and now dangal is the no. 1 movie which earned 350 crore and still grossing.  So that mean aamir khan is the real king of bollywood. Aamir khan started all club like 100 crore, 200 crore and 300 crore. So this the journey of kismet 1943 movie to Dangal movie and you can say that 1 crore club to 350 crore club journey. Now it is the point wills salman’s tubelight movie will break dangal record or not? Anyway we are viewers and we always enjoy. So enjoy friends. Sholay, mughl-ae-azam and sholay are the legend movies and the gold period movie and kismet movie started 1 crore club.

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