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Get Ready for Dhoom 4 Movie With Shahrukh Khan | Aditya Chopra

Get Ready for Dhoom 4 Movie With Shahrukh Khan | Aditya Chopra ★★★★☆ 4.4
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Yes it is great news. You know salman khan announced for dhoom 4 and shahrukh khan announced for dhoom 5 but salman do not want to do negative role so he was replaced with shahrukh khan now. Aamirkhan, hritik roshan, joh Abraham and now Shahrukhakn do lead role in dhoom 4. Evevrybody know that sharukh khan can do great negative role then other. He can do romance but he can also perform better in negative role.

Shahrukh Khan

Get ready for dhoom 4 with Shahrukh khan

Sharukh khan starrer dhoom 4 movie

Aditya chopara is the best friend of sharukh khan so aditya chopra suggested dhoom 4a and offered dhoom 4 to sharukh khan. Aditya chopra already created dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge (DDLJ), mohhabatte, rab ne bana di Jodi, and his movie befikre was flop but other movies are superhit movies. Any person don’t know why aditya chopra makes this type of films because this movie is bad joke.

Aditya can makes better films and many films are examples of biggest films like rab ne bana di Jodi and dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge are the biggest films of bollywood but what about befikare ? befikare movie is just kidding. Anyway now everybody is excited for dhoom 4 because people know that sharukh khan can do better negative roles and they already watch in don, darr and baazigar.

So it wills a next biggest film. But you know it is not confirmed yet because we said by rumor. this is not perfect information but don’t worry we will share more updates regularly about dhoom 4 keep visiting. Some says that salman khan is the part of dhoom 4 and abhishek bachchan replaced to ranbir singh and uday chopra is the great actor and that acting is perfect for him.

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