Who is Hero Alom? Story of Bangladeshi celebrity Hero Alom

Who is Hero Alom? Story of Bangladeshi celebrity Hero Alom ★★★★☆ 4.4
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Hero alom is top trending topic now in india. Young boys feel jealous from him. Because hero alom is the greatest celebrity in Bangladesh and girls are crazy for it. You know if you want to enter in film industries then you should have beautiful face and fit body. But here is totally different. If you see hero alom, it is the totally different look. He have  a very bad face and so thin body although peoples are crazy for him and now he is a trending topic in india country. Hero alom not have attractive personality and beautiful though he is also most popular celebrity in Bangladesh and Indian boys are jealous from him. Fans are crazy for him and especially girls. Here we shared hero alom biography. So must read it. It is very inspirational for every young boy.

Who is hero alom? Story of Bangladeshi celebrity Hero alom

Hero alom biography | life style of alom bogra

His full name is alom bogra. He is a banglaadeshi model and actor. He is only popular in Bangladesh but in indi very few peoples are know about him. But now that personality is goes to viral and now he is top trending in india. Players of Bangladesh are biggest fan of alom. And he takes selfy with him. Media, girls and players are crazy for him. He was born in very poor family. Alom bogra;’s another name is ashraful alom. He was the snakes seller in past. His father marries with other women and his father divorced his mom. Now alom and his mom are lonely so alom started snakes selling and it was failed in 7 std in school. Now he is left study and joined self work.

He started CD and Cable business. And then alom was think about modeling. In 2008 alom created own music video and he launched it in own cable area but after he launched that video in popular then he was become a popular. After this scene hero alom created 500+ music videos. Youtube is the biggest gun for him. 1 short films and drams now offered to alom. Alom have a lot of fans following in other country also and he is a top trending in india.

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So we shared story of hero alom. And we hope you enjoyed that. If you want to know more, then just open facebook and twitter because he is top trending in twitter and facebook after youtube. According to us hero ashraful alom bogara is the inspired all youngsters.

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