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#Impossible: OMG! this Film Will Crash Bollywood [Biggest Film in The Bollywood History]

#Impossible: OMG! this Film Will Crash Bollywood [Biggest Film in The Bollywood History] ★★★★☆ 4.4
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After bahubali and bahubali 2 raja mouli planned to create a biggest film of bollywood and the name is “mahabharat”.  And this film will break all record in the bollywood history. But here is the problem is dream cast. Yes and the dream cast is sharukh khan, salman khan and the mr. perfect aamir khan.   Rajamouli worked on it and if this will create then it will become a biggest film of history. FANs are very excited for this film.

Shah rukh khan, salman khan and aamir khan are together in Mahabharat movie

raja mouli

Raja mouli says, this the biggest plan after bahubali and the movie will create within 4-5 years. But raja mouli not talked yet with khans. If khans will say yes for this film then it will crash bollywood. This film will release in 3 parts and may it take 3-4 or 5 years to become. This is the one of the most expensive project of bollywood. This movie could lead to the tsunami in the bollywood. But another biggest movie is karan-arjun 2 but not confirmed yet but this movie confirmed but just khans say yes to this film then it is biggest history of bollywood.

Superstars known for Collision to each other but now superstar know collision damages his movies. Sharukh khan dilwale collision with bajirav mastani and another movie FAN was released in IPL and the result is dilwale earned 400 crore in worldwide. If bajirao was not release on the same date then dilwale should makes 500 crore plus.

Now bollywood super stars follow Hollywood. The last film fast and furious 7 is the example of unity. So now three khans should follow it. If they follow it then they will get unbelievable success. Now just wait and watch that raja mouli can do it or not.

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