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Irfan Ali Khan Birthday Today 7 Jan, About Irfan Khan Life.

Irfan Ali Khan Birthday Today 7 Jan, About Irfan Khan Life. ★★★★☆ 4.4
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His full name is Sahabzade Irfan Ali Khan.He was born on 7 January 1967.Irfan Khan is an actor known as for his work predominatly in Hindi cinema. In 2011 Irfan Khan received th padma shri award.And other expets consider him to be one of the finest actors in indian cinema for his versatile and natural acting.

Happy Birthday Irrfan Khan Thanks for keeping our faith alive in Bollywood

Irfan Ali Khan

Irfan Khan garnered the NATIONAL FILM AWARD FOR BEST ACTOR IN THE 60TH NATIIONAL FILM AWARDS 2012.For his perrformance in PAAN SINGH TOMAR. And he also won the 2014 Asian Film Award for Best Actor,three INTERNATIONAL INDIAN FILM ACADEMY AWARDS.

Acclaimed by the critics & the entire world as one of the best actor of his time Irrfan Khan hails for India.he born and brought up in Jaipur into FEUDAL NAWAB FAMILY. Though had on one from th entertainment field in the family.His passion was acting since childhood.Having a body work of more then eighty films in india.

In the west he has many films like The Namesake(2006),The Amazing Spider Man(2012),Jurassic World(2015)a as well as in the HBO series In Treatment(2008) New York, I Love You(2008),Life of PI(2012). Also, his two upcoming International projects: Dan Brown’s Inferno(2016) and Japanese American TV series.The Darjeeling Limited(2007),A Might Heart(2007)

He has won three Film Fare Awards, a Screen Actors Guid Award, and an Independent Spirit Award nomination in 2011.

Watch out his best 10 Indian films that has stayed with us over the years.


Irrfan Khan does a go acting in piku movie.Irrfan Khan added both depth and nuance to th film.While Amitabh Bachchan’s performance as anagging old man had charm. Despite the vast age gap of the tow actors in real life.


Qissa film was a punjabi film. Irrfan Khan played the role of Sikh man Ummber Singh.
He made a th characters look effortless and mind blowing.
He shown as a stubbron Punjabi man who carry his son to his legacy hunter ahead.
Irrfan Khan carried the role with authenticity.
He played superb role in Qissa.


The film had India’s two most underrated yet brilliant actors.
Irrfan Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui the most natural actorss in our bollywood
He palyed the role of a retired man who was older than his real age subtly.


It is a simple but beautifully composed film where Irrfan Khan plays role of Lafcadia,
a warrior in antiquated Rajasthan who attempts to give up his sword.
It would gained a different impresion of bollywood to make more this type of movies of warrior.


In this film Irrfan Khan makes most of the 10-15 minutes screen time.
Irrfan Khan performed in film Life of Pi would be the apt word to described.
This has been one of the international project where he makes.


Irrfan Khan makes a role of the right hand of Mumbai’s biggest mafia.
Maqbool is the one of the most superb film ever of Irrfan Khan.


Every conversation between these two evoked genuine laughter.
Irrfan Khan’s performance alongside Knokona Sen Sharma gave it a quaint charm.
He performed weell in this film. It may not have stood out of the best film of that year.


In this film Irrfan Khan played the strong role police officer.
And he perfectly displayed the role of officer.
He helplessness a police officer experiences,
he also made it increasingly tangible for his audience.


The Nakesake had been one of the pleasant films that can be watched several times without boredom.
Irrfan Khan started opposite Tabu and also shared screen with Kal Penn.
And a non-bengali to speak exact Bengali dialect is not simple as one may think.


Irrfan Khan played a police officer role in this film.
Indian and American actors who where present in the film.
He manageed well personality in this film.

This is the Irrfan Khan’s top 10 films list it gaves him the most popular image in bollywood.

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