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Kaabil Movie Earned 66 Crore Before Release

Kaabil Movie Earned 66 Crore Before Release ★★★★☆ 4.4
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Hritik gives flop films after his krish 3 movie. No doubt krish is the successful series after dhoom series. When hritik’s career goes to down his father rakesh roshan always help him. Rakesh roshan is the greatest director so he is knows better strategy about film making and how to get a good profit from the movie. Rakesh roshan build new strategy for his new film “Kaabil”.  And rakesh roshan’s strategy succeeded and Kaabil movie already earned profit 66 Crore. So that mean Kaabil is a hit movie already.

Kaabil Movie

Kaabil earned 66 Crore before Release

Kaabil movie Created in very low budget. Kaabil movie’s budget is 50 crore with promotion and prints. Its real budget is 35 crore only but 15 crore is the fees of promotion and other expense. Here are not included hritik’s fees. Rakesh roshan sold his movie in 42 crore. And this films satellite rights sold in 50 crore. 8 crore earned in music rights and 16 crore in oversease rights. So now kaabil movie’s total earning is 116 crore Rs. So let’s calculate, 116-50= 66 crore profit earned by kaabil. So now all future earning is only profit.

This is the intelligence of rakesh roshan . So this film was sold at low price. Anyway now Raees effect can not affect to Kaabil because kaabil already earned good profit. Raees and kaabil are release together and this is the not good because both films get damage because many people’s can only watch one movie in one time. And some peoples do not want to buy high expensive tickets two time so that is simple reason of damages of both movies.

Raees will release in 2700 screens and kaabil will release in 2500 screens. And this is the not a good news for both movie because if you want to add 300 crore clubs, at least 5000 screens are required for faster porfit.


Anyway both movies are great but rakesh roshan used her intelligent mind and already earned good profit so now rakesh roshan feel free because now raees movie not affect to the kaabil. by the way always join us for latest updates.

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