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Kareena Kapoor Planned Taimur’s Career

Kareena Kapoor Planned Taimur’s Career ★★★★☆ 4.4
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Kareena kapoor want to make cricketer of her son taimur. She want to ma ke him cricketer like his grandfather mansoor ali khan pataudi. Kareena kapoor’s father want’s to become a cricketer to taimur. And it is the biggest wish of kareena kapoor and randhir(father of kareena kapoor). 2 week ago taimur ali khan was come in to earth. Taimur is the son of kareena kapoor and saif ali khan and now he is the trending topic on social media and specially news media.

Kareena Kapoor planned Taimur’s Career

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Taimur will become a Cricketer like his Grandfather mansoor ali khan pataudi

Many people do negatives comments against taimur because taimur name person is the Bad king of 14 Centaury and he was attacked on india.  But randhir and rishi kapoor give a solid answer to commentator because it is just a name and no more. It is not a justice because every father mother have an own authority to make name of their son and daughter.  Karishma kapoor goes to her sister house with her children samayara and kiyan.

Everybody now about Mansur ali khan pataudi because Mansur ali khan pataudi was a very legend player and captain of team india. Saif ali khan and kareena kapoor married some year ago and there are no any religious rules and also bollywood actors do not have any religion because they can do everything for acting. So we can no involve religion in bollywood and other television entertainment items like serials, drama ( tellywood ) and TV shows also.

Now Saif ali khan busy in his upcoming movie Rangoon featuring kangana ranaut , shahid kapoor and saif ali khan. It was film of war. Rangun is created o very best plot and unique story so sure it will serve the magic on peoples. Let’s see.


So friends Kareena kapoor and randhir are wish to become a cricketer of taimur in future. So think this is the greatest and very best wish and everyone like a lot of this wish. Because taimur’s mother and father in bollywood and his grandfather in sports so this is the awesome combination.

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