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Shah Rukh Khan Says I Look Very Sexy In a Pathani

Shah Rukh Khan Says I Look Very Sexy In a Pathani ★★★★☆ 4.4
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I have become a star with limited talent, I think of myself in these 25 years. I need to believe that people have given me so much, they expect some of it back.


The super star always makes the wait worth the while. The 6 pm interview slot did not start before 10 pm. Shah Rukh  had been giving interviews since morning, promoting his new film RAEES. Directed by RAHUL DHOLAKIA and will release on January 25.

What Was Your State Of Mind When RAEES Came to You?

There will be10 packs instead of eight packs .The idea was that everything would be exaggerated because Farah Khan ( Director) is that kind of filmmaker. He had spoken to FARHAN AKHATAR and RITESH SIDHWANI and I liked that idea.

It ‘s note a typing story where a boy grows up to become a don and then beats up the villain. It’s  more of a journey of a man from the age seven-eight to 45.

Were The Action Scenes Taxing?

There is a meat factory fight sequence in the film, I also did after my surgery. I feel really bad about it but I couldn’t help it because the set was ready and I had to finish the scenes. My knee is a problem, the patella is broken. I need to do something about it. It’s a big injury and gets pain when I work, I think that’s way the film got delayed.

It was difficult to do a roof-top sequence.

SRK Dealt With Pressure In These 25 years Of Your Career?

SRK star with limited talent, I choose the films and something it will not cater to everyone.

FAN  may not cater to boys and girls, who want to a love story or a song and dance.

HAPPY NEW YEAR not cater to someone, who wants to see me in a cerebral film like CHACK DE! INDIA.

Than DEAR ZINDAGI like a sing and dance with Alia Bhatt.

 The RAEES Cast All Actors Looks very Interesting.

RAEES  movie actors  MAHIRA, NAWAZ and ZEESHAN, come from a real words of acting They feel the scenes, talk about it, discuss it.

This movie in I am not playing a hero type, I am playing a character. That one of the reasons why I wanted people, who haven’t acted with me before.

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