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What Stardom is Ended? 25 Years of Bollywood

What Stardom is Ended? 25 Years of Bollywood ★★★★☆ 4.4
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Bollywood future is blind after three khans aamir khan, salman khan and shahrukh khan. Super stars are super stars. Since 25 years no superstars are come yet. Because no one beat them (these three khans). And the situation is all directors and bollywood industries want to see all three khans in one movie. Raja mouli also tried this.


What stardom is ended? 25 years of bollywood

Bollywood situation before these three khans

Aamir khan and salman khan are debuted of qayamat se qayamat tak and maine pyar kiya whn shahrukh khan finding works for his space in bollywood and these. But after darr sharukh khan also entered in super star group and today is the 25 years of bollywood and these three stars are the superstars and stardom. No one can beat them yet so now any super star will come or not? Was not come yet so why now? so this is the biggest question of bollywod.

After shahrukh khan, aamir khan and salman khan will be retired then what will do bollywood for taht space in world. Anyway here are the list of super stars.

Raj kapoor, dilip kumar,amitabh bachchan, rajesh khanna, dev anand, rushi kapoor etc. are the old stardom of bollywood. Only name is enough and people crazy for it. If that film flop or hit don’t care but stardom is stardom after above lusted actors now bollywood get three super entrance of three khans.

And since 25 years no one beat yet these three khans. Amitabh bachchan and shahrukh khan are the fan of dilip kuamr and also copying him. Because dilip kumar is the badshah of film fare awards and acting. No one beat them.

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