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You Will Frozen After Knows Salman Earning of This Year

You Will Frozen After Knows Salman Earning of This Year ★★★★☆ 4.4
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You know salman khan is the biggest earner of this year. In 2016 salman earning increased. His film sultan and bajrangi bhaijan performed very well. You know sharukh khan is the one of the richest actor in the bollywood and in he is number 2 position in the worlwide. But according to 2016 report salman is the topper of bollywood in to earning list. He is also working in big boss and he also have own Production Company and he is now turned to singer. He is brand ambassador of thumbs up.

 you will frozen after knows salman earning of this year

Salman khan

  1. Salman khan: -salman khan earned total 270 Crore RS. Frozen? Yes this is true salma is the sultan of bollywood and also sultan of earning and collection. Salman khan movie entered in top 5 lists.
  2. Sharukh khan: – this time sharukh khan goes to second position. And also he needs one superhit movie. His mlvie dilwale earned 400 crore overseas and his dear zindagi is none commercially movie and aliya bhatt played lead role in that film. Shaukh kahn only have a supporting role in that film. Anyway now in 2017 sharukh khan have two films. Anyway srk eanred 222 crore in 2016.
  3. Akshay kumar: -akshya kumar is the khiladi of bollywood and also akshay kumar gives many films then other actors. Aamir khan only gives one film in the year. But khiladi gives so many films and same to his earning. His earning is very good and earned total 203 Crore
  4. hritik roshan : -hritik roshan earned 90 crore in this year 2016.
  5. ranveer singh : – ranveer singh’s movies not performed very well though he earned 68 crore inthis year

So friends this is the earnings report of the 2016. And these are the top 5 earner in bollywood of this year 2016.

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