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Worldwide Dangal 2017 Movie Grosses Over 724 Cr.

Worldwide Dangal 2017 Movie Grosses Over 724 Cr. ★★★★☆ 4.4
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Dangal has now created histrory by collecting 376.14 cr.neet and 526.59cr. gross in India. With an outstanding performance in overseas too, the film has now grossed 724.29cr. worldwide this is the second higest worldwide grosser of all time.


The film traces the inspirational journey of a father who trains his daughter to become world class wrestlers.It is the early 1980s and wrestlers are treated as local heroes.On top of that,Mahivir Singh Phogat is afarmer national champion.Now a goverment servent,Phogat,who wears a gold ring and  a silver-plated watch,has a volatile temper and wants a son to carry his legacy forward.

They get thir first boy-versus-girl fight because the organisers belived,”Agar apne pehalwano ko sher se bhi lada dega toh itne log nahi aayenge”He loses and with it,the years of condtitioning of women and male domination are thrown out of the window.

Thus breaking the taboo of women participating in a sport thus far dominated by men.In the story department,Dangal offers few surises Geeta and Babita’s historic wins at the Commonwealth Games and following championshios are common knowledge.

A man making his daughters chase his dream.Whean he gets into a brawl,he is the brother you always depended on.This could be Aamir’s best performance till date.Yes,even better than Lagaan. But nothing can be so perfect,so a villain has to be devised.It’s a fictional account,but a good stroy in never complate without a strong antagonist.But it doesn;t matter:Mahavir and his girls have alread won the about.

Dangal tital song right here and you feel a similar goosebumps moment that you in Rang De Basanti,Lagaan and Chak De India.Geeta and her national champion sister Babita(Suhani Bhatangar,Sanya Malhotra) know they have got into wrestling with a mission.

The girls have taken up wresting because they are tired of cringe-worthy men and underpentant boys.
Tanwar’s comic timing tries to deflect the foucs from her life to the girls who are forced to fight the local chauvinistsbecause their father has decide to teansform them into world-class wrestlers.

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